What We Do

Expert Advice Our expert advisors will provide you with information on all options which are available to you, discuss universities and their requirements and answer any queries and or settle any concerns you may have.

Apply on your behalf We will deal with your entire application and liase with the respective university; giving you a no fuss and stress free experience. All that is required of you is to provide us with the necessary documents!

Application Status Once the application has been accepted by the university, we will notify you immediately and issue you with an official conditional offer acceptance letter from the university. At this point we, will also begin to support you with entrance tests if necessary.

Admin Support We will save you from the hassle of answering any questions and demands from secretaries or International Offices of Medical Universities with regards to the entrance criteria or application process. We ensure you that, in the unlikely event of encountering a problem with your application, we will communicate with the universities on your behalf to find a solution.

Pre-Departure Support You will be in contact with the pre-departure team prior to your relocation. We will ensure that you are kept up to date with our proposed itinerary and will be there to answer any questions you may have. We will also supply everyone with a pre-departure pack full of all the necessary information you will require to familiarise yourself with life in a new country.

Relocation Support To support the transition nearer to the time of departure, we will arrange for all our students to travel together; with the assistance of one of our representatives. Unlike other agencies, our support will not be limited to just travelling with students. Our trusted representatives will help with everything from finding accommodation to helping you settle into a new country. We have always received exceptional feedback from students and parents alike, with regards to our relocation support and we intend to uphold our reputation of being the most supportive and accommodating agency out there.

Graduation Support At graduation we aim to assist students in applying for FY1/FY2 positions as well as registering them for their GMC accreditation. Our guidance will be provided on applications.

We know that applying to study whether in the UK or EU can be stressful. Our service is designed for students who also need extra support and would like us to take care of other aspects of their application.