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General life in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a rapidly developing Eastern European country bordered by Turkey, Romania, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia. It favours a temperate climate, reaching 30 - 40 degrees in the Summer and upto -10 in the Winter. This plethora of climates makes Bulgaria an ideal tourist hotspot, whether it be for the sandy beaches and water sports in Varna, ski slopes in Sofia or the rich history and culture in Pleven and Plovdiv. The population of Bulgaria is relatively small when compared to other countries of similar size. Due to its Ottoman rule, it boasts a trove of different cultures and religions; although Christianity is the predominating religion of Bulgaria. The people of Bulgaria are generally very friendly and accepting of foreigners, making it an ideal place to live and study for foreign students.

In comparison to the UK, the living standards in Bulgaria are lower; meaning you are able to find good quality accommodation a lot cheaper compared to its equivalent in the UK. Have a look at our price table below to compare for yourself!


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