PLEVEN 2018 TRANSITION PERIOD IS NOW OVER! – The only consultancy offering bespoke relocation

PLEVEN 2018 TRANSITION PERIOD IS NOW OVER! – The only consultancy offering bespoke relocation

Our transition team have worked tirelessly to ensure that the MU Pleven transition period progressed smoothly as ever. This year, Tutelage Ltd, as a consultancy had the biggest intake of UK students. We transitioned a total of 67 students from the UK to Medical University Pleven in Bulgaria. The transition process entailed everything, from travelling with the group of students from London to Sofia, to arranging accommodation, enrolment and everything in between!

The transition started at London Luton airport, where our representatives met and travelled with our entire group of students to Sofia airport. At Sofia airport, they were then met by more Tutelage representatives as well as official university representatives who travelled with them from Sofia airport to Pleven. During the 2 hour coach journey, our students had the opportunity to chat, relax and get to know their fellow peers!

Upon arriving in Pleven, the students were settled into their hotels, all pre arranged by Tutelage! The first transition day involved finding everyone suitable accommodation. Tutelage Ltd only work with the most reliable estate agents offering exclusive apartments to our students only, which meant that everybody had found excellent quality accommodation in close proximity to the university within 2 days or arriving in Pleven!

The following days involved university enrolment, followed by university and city tours! Of course, all students received personal assistance with everything from setting up wifi to taking out new phone contracts.

The fact that all our students are now fully settled and enjoying their first weeks as medical students is evidence to our seamless and proficient transition process and central to our ‘student comes first’ ethos.

Of course, this is only the beginning of the journey for Tutelage Ltd and our students. Our care extends throughout the 6 years of their education, where we will always be on hand to offer advice and support wherever it may be needed.

Applications are currently open for 2018/2019 entry. Please call us on 020 3617 1785 or email to start your application


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