Why Choose Us?

Tutelage Ltd strives to offer a friendly, reliable and expert service to its students. To ensure each student receives a professionally tuned experience, irrespective of their demography, we implement a ‘student comes first’ approach. We are committed to ensuring we are with you every step of the way; making sure you fully understand the opportunities and services available for you to make the correct decision. Our experience and knowledge of the procedures, makes the admission and transition process easy, quick and fast; distinguishing us from our competitors.

We have spent years providing quality service to hundreds of our students; offering a range of packages specifically tailored to exactly meet each and every student’s needs. Our bespoke services ensure that every applicant is treated on an individual basis and their needs catered to. We are fully aware that studying abroad is a daunting prospect and thus we aid students in all stages of their study, from application, to during their studies and even beyond. The final result is a personalised ongoing support package delivered with minimum hassle for maximum satisfaction. We have the highest rate of student satisfaction amongst all agencies and our assistance throughout will meet and exceed your expectations from the moment you first contact us.