Student Loans

NOTE: Student loan approvals are uncertain for the future.


Tuition Fee Loans in Bulgaria

Bulgaria had a tuition fee loan to cover the entire amount of tuition fees to EU citizens. It has been an extremely popular scheme and is currently being used by most students from the UK who are currently studying in Bulgaria! There are currently a few institutions in Bulgaria offering the student loan; namely DSK, Postbank, Alianz and Raifaissen Bank.

Who can apply for a student loan?

Every EU/EEA or Swiss student admitted in any Bulgarian accredited university (state or private) and who meets simultaneously below requirements can apply for Bulgarian student loans to finance:

  • To be citizen of European Union/ European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation state;
  • To be under 35 years of age;
  • To be trained full-time form;
  • Have not acquired the same educational qualification degree before;
  • Have not been removed and have not suspended their studies;

When is the student loan repaid back?

The repayment of the loan usually includes an annual fixed interest rate, which runs at approximately 10%. Interest is accrued from the first month of taking the loan. Students need not repay the loan while they are still studying, and enjoy a grace period. This is usually between twelve to twenty four months after their study period finishes. They are required to begin repayments one month after the grace period has finished; depending on arrangements with the financial institution. Moreover, students who have taken out a loan are not obliged to pay the fees, commissions or other expenses, related to the granting and management of the loan.

How do you apply for the Bulgarian student loan?

To apply for a Bulgarian student loan, the student must gather all the necessary documentation; including enrolment documents with the students details and details of the program they are following. The application must be done to one of state approved Bulgarian banks. Closer to the time, after your enrolment is complete, Tutelage Ltd will assist you in gathering all the necessary documentation for your loan as well as helping you apply.

What is the rate of Bulgarian student loans?

The interest rate is an annual fixed rate of 7% and interest is acquired from the first month.

What is the grace period?

The grace period is the period from loan contract concluding to the first date for state examination or graduation work according to education schedule for the relevant subject and education degree.

For PhD – from the expiration date of the PhD degree.

  • During grace period the student/PhD does not owe any payments on principal and interest.
  • Accrued interest during grace period is capitalized on annual base.