Study Medicine in Europe

More and more students are looking beyond the UK and flocking abroad to fulfil their ambitions of studying medicine; attaining a degree recognized all over the world, with the clear job prospects. ALL our partner universities offer a MD degree registered by the GMC, meaning upon completion of your degree you are able to go back to the UK and work.

As the requirements for studying medicine are tightening in the UK and it becoming almost a lottery of x number of applicants for one place, even highly capable and qualifying students are being left disappointed and without a place to study.

Although it may have emerged as a recent trend, many British students have been studying abroad to complete their medical studies for years and the numbers are increasing annually! Studying medicine in Eastern Europe comes with numerous benefits; practicing in a hands on clinical environment, learning a new culture and language as well as the advantage lower tuition fees are just a few.

Tutelage Ltd can help you explore your options of studying medicine at a recognised European University on a GMC registered course. We have years of experience in serving students and helping them pursue their career goals. If you have failed to attain a place in the UK, or have not met the grade requirements, contact us today and an advisor will be able to assist you and start off the application process.

Our partner universities offering the MD course are:

Czech Republic

Palacky Medical University


Pleven Medical University


Plovdiv Medical University


Varna Medical University

Czech Republic

Charles Medical University, Third Faculty


P.J Safarik Medical University


Riga-Stradins Medical University


Sofia Medical University

Reasons to study medicine abroad!

why study abroad!


obtain a MD degree whilst studying a GMC registered course, broadening your job prospects


have the opportunity to learn a new language


opportunity for self-development and gain independence


opportunity to travel to countries for a fraction of the price you would pay if you were in the uk (Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia)


benefit from lower tuition fees compared to the uk


benefit from drastically
lower living costs compared to the uk


Meet people from all over the world and develop your interpersonal skills and social networks


Benefit from the Eastern European teaching system and gain plenty of hands on clinical experience – strengthen your communication, team building and adaptability skills


Enhance your career opportunities and future prospects


Discover a new