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  • I had been looking at studying medicine at university in Bulgaria for a while, when a friend recommended Tutelage to me. I contacted them and was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful the service was. Applying to study in a different country felt like a daunting prospect at first, but I was given heaps of support at every stage; from preparing my application to arriving in the country and finding suitable accommodation. What impressed me the most was how personal the service is; I was made to feel like more than just a number, and though I paid no money directly to the agency, my representative went out of his way to make my experience as smooth and as enjoyable possible. I have had a fantastic time since arriving in Bulgaria, made new friends and experienced a whole different culture. I am very grateful to Tutelage for making this possible, and I would definitely recommend them above other agencies to anyone who was looking to study medicine in Europe; their level of personal advice and support completely sets them apart from the rest.

    Sereen Fatima – Plovdiv Medical University
  • The summer of 2013 was without doubt the most life-changing time period of my life, quite possibly the most eventful I will ever have. The idea of taking a gap year was what I always thought I would spend this year doing, exploring the world, undergoing new experiences, maturing into an independent man ready for the responsibilities of Medical School. I could not be more pleased that Tutelage allowed me to do something so much better. A family friend of mine through the free of charge education consultants ‘Tutelage’ sat the entrance exam for The University of Palacky to study General Medicine in May, securing his place at the beginning of summer. Soon after this my parents sat me down and told me about this option, however I sternly said no. Studying abroad for the six most important years of my life just wasn’t a thought I would even consider. My parents were never going to let my stubbornness allow me to miss out on such a great opportunity and a week after our previous conversation I half heartedly began studying for the Palacky Entrance Examination. Later that summer I travelled to London, meeting Tutelage receiving advice for how to go about the examination process and what I should expect studying abroad. One of the advisors at Tutelage is currently studying in Europe, such firsthand advice was very valuable to me. After having all my questions honestly answered for I returned from London knowing I wanted this. I had the motivation I was searching for. All the hard work had paid off and it was definitely the best summer I have ever had. Two weeks after securing my place at The University of Palacky. I flew off to the Czech Republic with Tutelage, as a medical student, quite surreal really. My first worry of how I would settle into a foreign country was settled, after travelling here in the plane with Tutelage, they helped me and my newly made friends with our accommodation, setting up finances and teaching us everything we needed to know about Olomouc. Now after having been here for nearly a year I can give an honest opinion as to how this whole experience has been. Counting my journey from when I started studying last summer to now, what I’ve undergone has been more character developing than I could have ever imagined, and to think that if it wasn’t for my conversation with Tutelage I would never have came. First and foremost the amount I’ve learnt this year has been incredible, unlimited access to human cadavers makes it the most practical hands on method of studying Anatomy possible. In my opinion there is no better way to learn about the human body than to actually see it in flesh. Such a privilege is not offered in most Medical Schools which to me is the biggest bonus of studying here. Secondly to address a concern I had, the English of the teachers here is of a very high standard. So if that was a concern then you no longer need to worry about it. Lastly, how many people will you meet who can say, “I graduated with a Medical/Dental degree from the Czech Republic”, that is something so unique. An experience very few can claim to have undergone. Proving how much you really want it with the necessary commitment a doctor needs. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to explore the world, undergo new experiences and mature into an independent man ready for the responsibilities of Medical School. I can assure you that this year has done that and much more for me. I couldn’t be more grateful for what Tutelage has done for me, from kick-starting my journey, both mentally and physically, getting me here and then even now reassuring me with advice whenever I contact them. Let them answer your queries and guide you through to your place at Medical School. You won’t look back, I promise. If you take on the challenge then good luck to you and I will hopefully see you soon. Thank you Tutelage

    Aswad Khan – MU Palacky
  • Highly recommended service. Tutelage is the most helpful agency when it comes to applying abroad – quick responses and a very friendly service. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is wanting to apply for medicine or dentistry abroad. Thank you for all your help

    Sanam Iqbal – MU Pleven
  • Best agency by far! Helped us from the beginning to the end, from getting a place at MU- Plovdiv to helping us find apartments. Could not thank the guys at Tutelage enough!

    Hamza Awan – MU Plovdiv
  • Having decided to do Medicine quite late, I was unable to apply in the UK. However, Tutelage created a second opportunity to study abroad. At first, I was sceptical about the move, but Tutelage were there every step of the way; with advice, as well as answers to any concerns, for not only me but also my family – with a totally reliable and absolutely free service. Having done so, they were with me during the move; helping me not only get settled, but also allowed me to meet upper year students which went through the same process. Having started, Tutelage were still with me every step of the way throughout my first year; ensuring I had the resources to help with my exams. An amazing and helpful company, which is an opinion shared by all of the students studying Medicine thanks to Tutelage.

    Tahir Chaudhri | Palacky Medical University
  • As a gap year student, dentistry seemed to be an uncertain choice for me, I was anxious about applying abroad at first, but Tutelage Ltd settled all the doubts and reservations I had! They were extremely helpful and informative throughout the entire application process. My application was processed quickly and I received an offer within weeks of applying. The service did not end there; Tutelage Ltd truly went above and beyond during the transition and relocation period, from booking a hotel on arrival, to helping with enrolment, finding an apartment, showing me all the local amenities, helping me set up a phone contract, taking us on a tour of the university and tour of the city. Without Tutelage, I would never have settled in as quickly as I did or felt confident or comfortable in my new environment. I would recommend Tutelage for the simple fact that they mean it when they say they are there with you from start till finish. The caring and attentive attitude they had towards all students was refreshing to see!

    Hafsah Hussain – MU Plovdiv
  • Great service from tutelage. Applied last minute on results day and they managed to secure me a place at Plovdiv University within 10 days. I am thankful for the service they have provided, not only for the application, but helping me with finding an apartment and registration at the uni.

  • Shahab Khan

    Not only did my representative from Tutelage accompany us on the flight from London to Brno, the company organised our transport to our University halls. We were shown the tram routes, University location, and local restaurants by Tutelage, making our first few days in Olomouc very comfortable. We were also taken to the bank and had our student accounts made. As well as completing our enrolment in the Dean’s office. I would 100% recommend using Tutelage!

    Shahab Khan – MU Palacky
  • Farnaz

    They were responsible for my application. So it was very easy for me and I had no stress. They gave me very soon a good answer. So I organized to coming to Bulgaria, which was very easy as well, because of Tutelage. Tutelages representative picked me up from Sofia airport and we drove together with my Mum to Plovdiv. There we slept in a well situated hotel, which was organized by Tutelage as well. They found me a very good flat, so I had no stress in this case. Without Tutelage I wouldn’t be so successful. I know a lot of other students who are studying in foreign countries. But they had a lot of stress to start their new life there. I didn’t have this problem, because tutelage helped me in all the necessary things. Tutelage offers me his help until the end of my study! I’m very thankful for this and really recommend this agency.

    Farnaz Bagheri – MU Plovdiv
  • I heard about tutelage from my friend. I think I was lucky at that time. I talked to the people who work there. They speak to you like a family member. They gave good advice about where I can apply to do medicine, which university is good university and which place is good to do medicine. They gave me proper advice and help through the process of application to university. They fill the application form and they did everything to help me. I got the place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. When I came to university to Tutelage’s help continued and their work was very honest. They help with university enrolment form and accommodation. It was really helpful because when I came to Bulgaria everything was new such as the language, people and place. So their help was really appreciated. I’ve heard of other agents charge so much money from students and then leave them in new place without doing anything. At that time I was really thankful to tutelage. They are very helpful and their work is 100% honest.

    Priya S – MU Plovdiv
  • Tutelage have been really helpful and had a great, fast and reliable service. Without their help, I would have had no idea where to begin with my application to Palacky University to study dentistry and probably would have not been successful. The representatives of Tutelage actually flew out with me to the university and help me get settled in and set everything up and did not charge for it. They were extremely helpful in securing amazing university accommodation for me. With this in mind and a whole host of reasons which stretch on for a while, I would recommend Tutelage wholeheartedly if you considering applying for medicine or dentistry abroad.

    Vikram Mahal – MU Palacky
  • Medicine has always been my lifelong dream. After being unsuccessful in the UK I was considering continuing my studies abroad in Europe. It was then I discovered Tutelage through a friend who was also applying for medicine. Tutelage provided me with many options of potential English taught university courses across Europe and answered all my queries. After deciding on my university, I received help through each step until my acceptance and I can very surprisingly say I still receive help for whatever issues I have, whether it’s to do with accommodation, student loans, country rules or with the university itself, they have always been there. The service they provide is totally free of charge and the only costs involved are to do with document translation. They really do provide a personal service unlike many others who charge up to and in excess of £1000. I commend tutelage for their work and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to study medicine abroad in Europe and also who doesn’t want to empty out their parent’s bank as their service is second to none!

    Qasid Raja – MU Plovdiv
  • saad Ahmed

    I contacted Tutelage for help with my application for medicine program on friend’s recommendation. They helped me at every stage from filling in the application form to finding me the best accommodation. They were quick in responding to my emails and kept me informed throughout my application process. Their representative was waiting for me at the airport who also took me on the city tour and showed me all the important places. Overall they have been very helpful and accommodating. Because of their professional services I highly recommend Tutelage to all the students.

    Saad Ahmed – MU Pleven
  • Where do I even begin to express how thankful I am to Tutelage…I have always wanted to be a doctor but these guys have made my dream a reality which I love and cherish everyday. Right from putting my application through to the University to finding a place to live …Tutelage has been with me through out each step. A big thank you to their representatives in England and Bulgaria who have made this huge transition so smooth. Like they say “best things in life are free”, these guys are a testament to that. May God bless you for the amazing work your doing and be with you in your future endeavours. Thank you so much once again.

    Sarah Wilson – MU Pleven
  • There are many agencies out there to help with the process of applying to study abroad, but I have to say that Tutelage are THE BEST, by far! Coming straight from A2, being only 18 and entering a whole new country, Tutelage have held my hand throughout it all. They have gone out of their way to ensure that we all had a smooth transition, settled us into the new city and given great advice on a personal basis; these guys are truly amazing. They genuinely want the best for you. Huge thank you to Tutelage for all your help that you’ve given me – I honestly don’t think I could have done it without you!

    Zahrah Rehman – MU Plovdiv
  • I am incredibly grateful for Tutelage! I was extremely scared about studying abroad and Tutelage supported me right from the beginning and they made the process of applying and moving out, so much easier. They have made my dreams of becoming a doctor possible and their free personal support and advice, really helped me to make the right choice. I would definitely recommend Tutelage to any friends and family wholeheartedly, because I know I can trust them. Thanks to Tutelage, I can now do what I have wanted to do for a very long time. Thank you so much for being there for me!

    Nekka Sivatheeswaren – MU Pleven
  • Tutelage provide the best service for students interested in applying to do medicine/dentistry abroad. They are always open to helping you with any questions you may have. Their service is stress-free; just choose your university and they sort out all the paperwork. I would definitely recommend Tutelage to any aspiring doctors or dentists. Thank you for all your help

    Ashif Khan – MU Pleven
  • Alpa Baskar

    My experience with Tutelage has been excellent. I applied with Tutelage to Medical University of Pleven. They made the process of applying to university abroad a more easy process. When i got to Bulgaria we were received by the Tutelage representatives at the Sofia airport, After coming here, they helped me sort out my bank account, accommodation and sim card. The whole process of relocating to a foreign country was made really smooth by tutelage. For whoever wants to do medicine I think you should get into touch with tutelage don’t let go of ur dreams!

    Alpa Bhaskar – MU Pleven
  • Tutelage have been extremely helpful, right from the beginning all the way through, in order to secure a place for me to study medicine at my chosen university. However their exceptional service doesn’t end there as Tutelage is always there to support you whenever needed. I am very thankful and appreciate everything they have done for me. I would definitely recommend it.

    Sadia Khan – MU Pleven
  • Very helpful and reliable agency, always at hand whenever i need help and i would highly recommend you go through this agency to get into med school in Europe. Makes the process much easier.

    Arian Kamran – MU Plovdiv
  • Morwarid Hemat

    Dear Tutelage,
    Thank you so much for being the most amazing and helpful team ever. You have made a long held dream come true. A special thank you to your representatives who have helped me settle in Pleven, it is due to your guidance and support that I can call Pleven home now. Thank you once again.

    Morwarid Hemat | Pleven Medical University