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P.J Safarik Medical University

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Pavol Jozef Šafárik University was established in 1959 as the second classical University in Slovakia. The current structure of  P. J. Šafárik University includes five faculties – Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Administration and Faculty of Arts. At our University more than 7 500 students are studying.

The University provides education in three main cycles – bachelor’s, master’s, doctor´s and PhD. studies in different fields. The process of education is provided in both, Slovak and English language. Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice provides higher education based on the newest scientific findings in a wide international context. The University co-operates very intensively with academic institutions all around the world.

At present the University has five faculties – Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Administration and Faculty of Arts – which prepare physicians and dentists, experts in natural sciences, mathematics and informatics, teachers, lawyers, specialists for public administration and specialists for psychology, philosophy and theory of communication. The graduates of our University which is the second oldest in Slovakia, have a very good reputation all over the world.


The key mission of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice is to provide higher education based on the newest scientific findings in a wide international context, following the European trends and goals laid down in the Bologna Declaration and other documents. Developing a harmonious personality by its knowledge improvement, wisdom and creativity rise in a person, the University fulfils its mission.

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Key Information:

Course Duration:

Medicine: 6 years
Dentistry: 5 years
Term start: September


Medicine: 10 500 EUR/year
Dentistry: 11 000 EUR/year

Clearing Hotline: 020 3617 1785  Call us now to Apply!

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Safarik University is located in the city of Kosice which is the biggest city in easters Slovakia.  It is situated on the river Hornád at the eastern reaches of the Slovak Ore Mountains, near the border with Hungary. With a population of approximately 240,000, Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia after the capital Bratislava. Being the economic and cultural centre of eastern Slovakia, Košice is the seat of the Košice Region and Košice Self-governing Region, the Slovak Constitutional Court, three universities, various dioceses, and many museums, galleries, and theatres. Košice is an important industrial centre of Slovakia, and the U.S. Steel Košice steel mill is the largest employer in the city. The town has extensive railway connections and an international airport. Almost all monuments of Košice are concentrated in the historical core of the town, size of which makes it the biggest Town Monument Reserve of Slovakia. The spindle-shaped Hlavné námestie square of Košice is the heart of the town and rightly considered one of the most beautiful squares in Slovakia. It is closed to traffic and skirted by numerous wonderful historical buildings. The most valuable monuments are situated in its centre. The dominant of the square and the town is the monumental Gothic Cathedral of St. Elisabeth. This building, rather isolated from the rest of the square, is the largest church of Slovakia and the easternmost situated Gothic cathedral of western type in Europe. In front of the northern walls of the Cathedral of Košice stands what was originally Urbanova veža tower built in the 14th century. The Urbans tower and the chapel of St. Michael, former charnel house, from the end of the 14th century, which stands in front of the southern side of the Cathedral of St. Elisabeth form together a complete unique Gothic set of the monuments.
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The Faculty of Medicine at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice is an institution with over 65-year long history. Faculty was founded in September 1948 and nowadays has over 12 thousand of graduates. Since 1992, Faculty has been offering medical studies in the English language to international students. Number of international students grows rapidly, there were 899 international students in 2015. The Faculty of Medicine in Košice consists of 60 units – institutes, departments, scientific research and experimental workplaces, and special-purpose facilities. Faculty is located in close proximity to the L. Pasteur University Hospital, where students take the bulk of their practical training. Its teaching base represents a total of 11 medical institutions that allow students a direct contact with patients and employment of modern treatment methods. Faculty of Medicine in Kosice has been rewarded as the second best medical faculty in Slovakia. Faculty of Medicine in Košice is involved in international cooperation with other educational institutions within programme Erasmus+. Cooperation faculties are from all over the Europe. Faculty is also taking part in various international conferences, such as International Student Medical Congress Košice 2015, which attended more than 150 medical students.
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Are there any Local Mosques? There is a small community of local muslims in Kosice and a religious centre Are there other students from the UK? Yes Do the locals understand English? Yes, mostly How can you travel around kosice? There is an extensive network of busses around the city and taxis are also cheap when compared to the UK What type of weather does Kosice have? Kosice has a humid continental climate with severe winters, no dry season, warm summers and strong seasonality