We began in 2012 as a small part time company, assisting people with a different approach to admissions. Taking into account the huge step taken by a student to move abroad; we focused on both admissions and relocation services. Slowly, the idea conceptualised and our portfolio of universities expanded. The growing trend of studying Medicine abroad allowed us to streamline our services and settle with the universities we felt provided our prospective students with the best opportunities.

Our aim was to take the hassle off our clients; shifting all the leg work from them to us. Therefore, all information related to the Medical and Dentistry courses, Universities and any other educational bodies, has to be up to date with our advisors. This allows precise advice and effective guidance to prospective applicants. Our unique approach gave us the ability to cater to a variety of needs and requests, reinforcing our ‘student comes first approach’ for all applicants.

We focus heavily on moral and ethical values when dealing with our clients, therefore, aim to advise prospective students with the most beneficial advice for them rather than for us. We feel that this is one of the fundamental ideologies which have enabled us to grow as a company and maintain reputation and stance as the leading consultancy providing admissions in Europe.