As in many other European cities, the demand for reasonably priced accommodation options is very high and therefore student housing facilities are limited. At the same time, the city’s private rental market is considerably cheaper than that in other European cities, and is rather appealing to international students studying at RSU.

In general, upon their arrival in Riga, students choose to stay in hotels or hostels and only then do they start looking for long term accommodation options.

Renting an apartment in Riga is cheaper, if you are willing to share: the average costs per person will be lower. For example, five students renting a five-room flat, rather than renting a one room flat on your own. The price also depends on the quality of the flat and the area. But, the average price for a one room apartment is 250 Euros or higher. If you are thinking about renting a flat, please keep in mind that the utility costs can be quite high, starting from 70 Euros in summer to up to 200 Euros in winter. These costs include water, electricity, central heating in winter, etc.