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Benefits of Studying Abroad

You will:

  • Gain an MD degree which is recognized worldwide
  • Gain international experience, learn new skills, become independent
  • Learn a new language: learning a new language is an invaluable asset that will enhance and broaden your career prospects and differentiate you from other applicants when you are applying for a job
  • Receive more practical learning; the learning style in Eastern Europe follows a more traditional approach and involves intense theoretical teaching, coupled with hands on clinical lessons
  • Cheaper tuition fees; students are saving thousands of pounds by studying abroad when compared to studying in the UK
  • Cheaper living
  • All our universities are GMC and GDC approved, meaning you can start work straight away upon completion of your degree
  • Opportunity to travel; studying in countries that not only themselves are popular tourist destinations, but are bordered by toursit hotspots too!