Why Study in Bulgaria

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Study Medicine in Bulgaria - Why Study in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is renowned for providing some of the best medical training and teaching in Europe, together with internationally praised research. Therefore, to Study Medicine in Bulgaria you receive a combination of excellence in teaching and the low cost of living, continues to be a huge attraction to international Medical students. Bulgaria is full of attractions for both international students and tourists. If you want to study in Bulgaria, you’ll find an impressive range of natural environments: from warm, sandy beaches tostriking mountains and ski resorts.

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General life in Bulgaria

Clearing Hotline: 020 3617 1785  Call us now to Apply!

Bulgaria is a rapidly developing Eastern European country bordered by turkey, Romania, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia, it favours a temperate climate, reaching 30-40 degrees in the summer and upto -10 in the winter; this plethora of climates makes Bulgaria an ideal tourist hotspot, whether it be for the sandy beaches and water sports in Varna, ski slopes In Sofia or the rich history and culture in pleven and Plovdiv. The population of Bulgaria is relatively small when compared to other countries of similar size, due to its ottoman rule, it boasts a trove of different cultures and religions, although Christianity is the predominating religion of Bulgaria. The people of Bulgaria are generally very friendly and accepting of foreigners, making it an ideal place to live and study for foreign students.


In comparison to the UK, the living standard in Bulgaria is lower, meaning you are able to find good quality accommodation a lot cheaper compared to its equivalent in the UK. Have a look at our price table below to compare for yourself!


The vast majority of students choose to rent private accommodation as opposed to living in student hostels. Bulgaria boasts high quality and affordable UK standard accommodation for less than half the standard prices of UK accommodation.

During the transition period, our relocation advisors will travel with you and help you find accommodation. We only work with the best and trusted estate agents are able to reserve apartments for our students before they are in the country!

Health insurance

Healthcare in Bulgaria is provided by the National Health Insurance Fund. It is compulsory for all residents to contribute to this fund and is essential for obtaining a National Health Insurance card. The cost of healthcare of individuals is normally split between the state, the employer and the individual.

European nationals are therefore qualified to receive free healthcare from state owned institutions in Bulgaria. For this, an EHIC (european health insurance card) is required. This card is used by the hospital in the case of claiming payment for treating you, sometimes you may have to pay yourself and reclaim the money afterwards.

See link below for more information and to apply! (UK residents)


Student visa (NON-EU applicants)

Non Eu residents are required to apply for a visa alongside their university application. We are able to assist you and guide you with this if needed as well as supply the necessary documents that may be officially required.

You will also be required to make a Bulgarian I.d card; See ‘Bulgarian ID card’

Bulgarian ID card:

‘Foreigners who wish to reside in Bulgaria on a long-term basis (in any case more than three months within each six-month period) should apply for and obtain a residence permit.

You are advised to make a Bulgarian ID card if you intend on staying in Bulgaria for more than 3 months at a time, which the majority of students do. This is required to be kept on you at all times and becomes your official presenting document for most things instead of your passport.

Once you are in Bulgaria, our advisors will be able to help you and advise you on how to make a Bulgarian ID and everything that is required to make it.