Post-Care Services

Application Support

Application Tracking via the MyTutelage Online Portal

Our exclusive online portal MyTutelage now allows for our students to track and update their own application directly 24/7 and be constantly up to date with their status at all times. MyTutelage is an online platform allowing a seamless service to our clients from start to end.

With MyTutelage you can:

  • Submit all your documents to us online to allow for quick and easy access and receipt on our part
  • Communicate with your Tutelage advisor with regards to the status of your application
  • Track your application and know the current status of the application
  • Receive up to date notifications regarding your application, such as whether it has been received by the university, whether it is being processed etc.
  • Be notified of acceptance by your chosen university
  • Receive all official documents such as official offer letter from the University

For information or enquiries about how to access and use the MyTutelage portal, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Legalisation (Optional), Apostillation (Optional), Translation (Optional):

After having a one to one consultation with one of our advisors and deciding which university you wish to apply for, a number of supporting documents will be required in order to submit a completed application. The following services will be vital in order to make sure you are able to study abroad.

  • Legalisation is the process of certifying legal documents in order for a foreign country's legal system will recognize it
  • Apostillation is used to legalise a document for use in another country. If you are presenting a document from the UK to another country, you will be requested to get an apostille for your document.
  • Translation is a translation of a document from one language to another done professionally. Our partner universities require a certified translation of documents and transcripts as a part of the admissions process.

We give you a clear list of which documents you need to provide through your MyTutelage online portal. These documents need to presented in an officially legalised form for the admission procedure and translations should be done only after legalisation. We can translate all your necessary documents for you in the language required by the chosen university and we can do this at the same time as we process any apostille services to save you time.

  • Convenience – We can take care of your apostille legalisation and your translation at the same time
  • Fast Service – Most translations are completed within a few days but larger documents may take longer
  • Email Your Documents – To save time you time from travelling, you can email documents for translation or upload them onto your MyTutelage online portal
  • Certified Translations – We will certify the translations
  • Apostille Service – Once your document is translated, we can legalise the document with a UK apostille. We can even translate the apostille if required.
  • Fully Inclusive Service – We can translate, apostille, legalise and certify all your documents if you would like us to handle the hassle from legal services

While your documents are in our possession, we take great care to ensure the security of your paperwork. Tutelage Ltd’s application service will make your life easier for you. All it takes is one email or phone call and we take care of everything for you.

For more information on our optional services, do not hesitate to contact us today! Our advisors will be more than welcome to explain to you the processes in detail.

Support with Visa Applications

Our partner universities welcome applications from UK international students. Our trained advisors are fully equipped in dealing with applications from all backgrounds and therefore are in the best position to be able to advise our students on visa information if need be. Not only do we provide invaluable advice and support on the requirements for attaining a visa, we are also able to help you process your visa application through step by step guidance and assistance with providing you the documents that you need! For visa information and advice, contact us today!

Admin Support

Answer: All of the universities we work with are extremely popular with international students; UK students in particular. So, you will have many other UK students studying with you as well as in the years above.

Complimentary Relocation Support

Preparation advice to ease transition to your chosen University

Pre departure support - We believe that the reason we have the highest student satisfaction each year is due to the constant ongoing support and personal service we provide from start to finish. A key component of this is our pre departure support as this is the vital link between ensuring a smooth transition for all of our students.

Our advisors are therefore dedicated to helping students prepare for their future studies and are on hand to help with whatever our students may need, whether this be general support in the form of answering any questions you may have, to helping our students find and secure accommodation BEFORE they travel. We will always stand by your side. With continuous post care, our aim is to dedicate our time, attention and service to you throughout the application process.

As part of our pre departure support:

  • Your allocated student advisor will be on hand to answer any questions you may have by phone/email/in person. Our advisors are highly qualified and have been dealing with student queries for years and therefore have the best perspective to guide you through your worries and reservations.
  • We will help you arrange accommodation BEFORE travelling so to ease any worries you may have.
  • We will help you with hotel reservations and book on your behalf at an exclusive discounted price available only to us.

For information or enquiries about our pre departure support, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Airport Transfer and Hotel Arrangements

The next part of the process involves supporting students with transition. Moving abroad is a huge step for many students. To make the relocation process easier and less nerve wracking and to support the transition near the time of departure, we arrange for all of our students to travel together; with the assistance of one of our representatives. Successful students which have accepted their offer can have access to our arrival services, including airport transfer assistance and temporary hotel arrangements. We will help you with accommodation and airport transfer arrangements in all locations if requested. Our Tutelage representatives make transition possible by offering professional assistance before, during and after. Student representatives will be will be waiting at the airport waiting upon your arrival. If you prefer to wait until you arrive to secure your long-term accommodation, we recommend arranging temporary accommodation. We will make sure that we have all available options ready for you to decide.

For information or enquiries about airport transfer and hotel arrangements, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

University Registration

Once settled, our experienced advisors will help guide you through the registration process, to make this as quick as easy as possible. They will tell you which documents need to be submitted to the University administration office and explain the procedure which needs to be taken with the Ministry of Education. You will also be issued with a temporary student ID certificate until your Student ID card is ready. This will help you with this in order to speed up the process of receiving your approved certificates from the Ministry of Education.

For information or enquiries about university registration, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Guidance in Opening a Bank Account

Tutelage Ltd help students open a bank account to spare the trouble of reviewing documents in another language other than English. Our advisors and student representatives will assist with any interpretation concerning supporting documents at a bank of your choice. The documents that you will be asked to provide will depend on the bank you are using. If you decide to apply for a student loan to pay for your full tuition fees, or even a partial amount, you definitely need a bank account abroad in the country of residence. Even if you do not apply for the student loan, having a bank account abroad can be beneficial – due to various security issues, many of our partner universities do not accept cash payments. Opening a local bank account will therefore be handy when paying for university related costs and transactions. If you have problems or need more information, contact us today. We also offer advice and guidance on budgeting and managing your money.

Assist in Finding Accommodation

 Our partner universities offer cheap on campus accommodation. However, these rooms are limited to foreign students. Therefore, most of our students prefer to rent or share a private flat near the university. At Tutelage Ltd, we aim to minimise stress from securing housing abroad and every effort is made to accommodate students’ preferences. We liaise with various estate agents at each of our partner university sites and have our own student representatives on campus to guide you with housing options.

As mentioned before, after our discussions with you during the initial stages of the application process we will be able to build a student profile based on your needs. This will include your monthly budgets for rent and your housing preferences. Tutelage Ltd have years of experience in negotiating deals in order to make sure your student life style is affordable, manageable and within your limits. We will also review the terms of the contract on your behalf to make sure you fully understand documents which may be in the home language and our local student representatives will explain the terms of the contract. You will be given the opportunity to view all accommodation which you fancy considering before you decide on relocating.

For information or enquiries about student accommodation, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Guide with Applying for Local Residency

To make sure that you are able to register as a student at your chosen university, it is necessary first to receive a residence permit. We will carry on helping students obtain and submit the required documents; translating and legalising where needed. Our advisors will accompany students to all relevant offices, explaining the process and procedures along the way. Our student representative will offer assistance in translating the processes to you; explaining the different types of residency and their costs etc. Upon receiving a residency permit, we will take all supporting documents on your behalf and process these with the university; in order to register you as a student. These certificates and documents will also be necessary when applying for a student loan and make that process quicker and easier for you too!

For information or enquiries about applying for local residency, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Tours of the University/Local Area/City

We provide a range of events to help you get settled, which we highly recommend you attend and participate in. We give our students a tour around the city upon their arrival, helping them find out everything they need to know about the place. Take a look around the university and the local area on a campus tour with a Tutelage student representative. University tours are a great way to see the campus and facilities. Find out more about the course you are interested in, meet current staff and students, and see inside accommodation and other facilities. Parents and guardians are more than welcome to join. After your tour, we will offer you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about your application, funding and general course information. We also provide a day tour of the city where the university is located so you can get a taste of what European student life is like!

For information or enquiries about our tours, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Guide with Mobile Phone Contracts, Internet and any Other Miscellaneous Queries

Other than supporting you with accommodation and university matters, we also assist in setting up access to the internet and TV, as well setting up a local sim card. All of these services are easily accessible throughout the country and services can be provided in a short notice period. However, we aim to complete all miscellaneous queries well in advance before your arrival so that you have time to focus on being a medical or dental student!

For information or enquiries about other university matters, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Welcome Dinner and Networking Opportunities

At Tutelage Ltd, we aim to make sure all our students are settled and feel comfortable from the moment they arrive. That’s why Tutelage Ltd is well known for holding annual welcome dinners exclusive to new and current students. Various university members are also invited to attend to make sure that you acknowledge the support that will be available to you during your time of study. Our welcome dinners provide as excellent opportunity to bring out your networking skills and interact with students, alumni, academia and many other guest speakers from all academic areas.

Once students have settled, we make sure that you are comfortable in your surroundings for the rest of your academic life. Our on campus student representatives will make sure you feel like you are at home and deal with any hurdles you may come across. During your time at our partner universities, our student representatives aim to organise regular study groups and focus groups to ensure that studies abroad are going well and help with a range of practical issues, giving information on facilities etc. but mostly they provide a friendly face.

For information or enquiries about our welcome dinners and networking opportunities, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Provide Student Books and Medical Books

At Tutelage Ltd, we ensure students are fully equipped with the resources they need in order to start of their medical and dental career. Over the years, we have managed to put together the materials you need to make sure you are guaranteed exam success. Whether they are for your entry exams or for your studies, we aim to make sure you are provided with the latest editions of medical books and revision notes. Our student representatives also provide their own materials for study use too, so you’ll be more than fully equipped to be a medical student!

For information or enquiries about student resources, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Important Local Contact Information

We believe that knowing who to contact in different circumstances is a professional way of making sure your safety and wellbeing is a priority once settling in. That is why we provide you with a list of local contacts; whether they are on campus contact information or off campus. All important information can be found on your MyTutelage account once registered. We believe that communication is the key to success and we believe that close contact, regular communication is what students deserve.

For information or enquiries about local information and the MyTutelage portal, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.

Information About Studies

As part of our services, it is our duty to provide a range of support, information and specialist services to enhance your student experience. We form part of a network of services at each of our partner universities; designed to support you throughout your studies. Beginning from your initial consultation with us, we will ensure you that we will keep you up to date with all information related to the Medical and Dentistry courses available, universities and regulatory procedures. We are always equipped to deliver the correct advice and best guidance necessary to get you on your way to your medical and dental career. to a variety of needs and requests. So, if there is anything we have not touched upon, or specifically mentioned, please to not hesitate to contact with any questions, requests or for further information on how we can support you.

 Student Mentoring

As part of our services, we have set up a student mentoring scheme at each of our partner universities. Moving to a different country to study will obviously make an overwhelming transitional period; learning to adapt to new ways of teaching, as well as living away from home. Tutelage Ltd’s Student Mentoring Scheme Falmouth's matches second year and third year students with new students, to help you settle in and to answer any questions you might have.

Mentors will aim to meet on a regular basis to discuss a wide range of issues such as new ways of studying, settling into accommodation, budgeting, module choices, assignments, essays and exams etc. You can ask questions which are not covered in the course handbook and will get reliable and relevant advice from their Tutelage Ltd’s student mentors. With Tutelage Ltd’s Student Mentoring Scheme, no problem is too big and no problem is too small and your mentor will continue to support you and help you settle in throughout the first year.

For information or enquiries about the student mentoring scheme, please contact us on or call call 020 3617 1785, where a Tutelage advisor will further assist you.