Bulgarian ID card/ Residency card/ Lichna Karta

It is highly recommended for all foreign students studying in Bulgaria to make a Bulgarian ID card. This is a form of ID mandatory for all Bulgarian citizens and also foreigners who wish to reside in Bulgaria for 3 months or more at a time. This document is issued by the police on behalf of the ministry and is the main form of identification in Bulgaria.

The residency for citizens of the EU and members of their families is regulated by the “Law for EU Citizens Residing in Bulgaria”. According to this law citizens of other EU countries can reside with their own identity documents (ID cards or passports) for up to three months. After that they can apply for long-term residency. Art. 8 of the above- mentioned law states that certificate for long- term residency is granted to citizens of EU- member states, who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Are Employed or self-employed in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Have the necessary funds to cover their living costs and those for the other family members and will not rely on the social security system in Bulgaria, and have a health insurance (National insurance card);
  • Study in a registered school or university, including one for vocational training, and meet the requirements of point 2.

To qualify for permanent residency a foreigner must have resided continuously in Bulgaria on long-term bases for 5 years. There are a number of conditions to be observed some of which are that the period of residency should not have been interrupted and residency should have been granted based on the same reason during the 5-year period.

How do I make a Bulgarian ID card?

The process of making your Bulgarian ID card will begin once you are in Bulgaria. It involves gathering several documents and going to several institutions. Tutelage Ltd will assist you in making your Bulgarian ID card as part of our relocation service! We will advise you on what documents to gather and where you need to go. All in all, your ID card will take 3-4 days to make.