One of the key factors that makes Tutelage Ltd the leading education consultancy in the field, is notably the quality of post application care our students receive as part of our ongoing support guarantee. When we began, we understood the potential challenges students could face when studying abroad. We knew we would need to implement a system, as part of our service, which would support our students overseas throughout the entirety of their education and beyond. This supports our ethos and stands at the very core of our company; that the student comes first. Having successfully helped hundreds of students pursue their dreams of studying Medicine and Dentistry, has reiterated how vital the post care we provide is for both the student and their parents.

So, what do we do to ensure that our students are cared for beyond their application and during their studies? We have a Tutelage representative at every one of our partner universities, who is qualified to deal with any problems that may arise during the course of a student’s education; whether that be academically related or not. Our current students benefit greatly from the fact that they are able to turn to someone who is actually on site and can actively help resolve the problem on hand. Furthermore, our student representatives can:

Offer accurate and specific advice to students regarding the university/local area etc. • Offer academic advice to students Provide general support and counselling to students who require it • Work alongside our transition team to help our students settle in • Work with our students and post care team to convey any problems and help resolve them

Offering continuous support is vital for our students and their parents to feel assured and at ease during their transition abroad; making the process as relaxed as possible. We guarantee to support every student who applies with us throughout and even after their education!

If you would like to study Medicine or Dentistry abroad but have reservations and worries, then contact us today to find out how our support service can help you!

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