Hamza Awan – MU Plovdiv

Best agency by far! Helped us from the beginning to the end, from getting a place at MU- Plovdiv to helping us find apartments. Could not thank the guys at Tutelage enough!

Ashif Khan – MU Pleven

Tutelage provide the best service for students interested in applying to do medicine/dentistry abroad. They are always open to helping you with any questions you may have. Their service is stress-free; just choose your university and they sort out all the paperwork. I would definitely recommend Tutelage to any aspiring doctors or dentists. Thank you for all your help   Find out More

AlpaBhaskar- MU Pleven

My experience with Tutelage has been excellent. I applied with Tutelage to Medical University of Pleven. They made the process of applying to university abroad a more easy process. When i got to Bulgaria we were received by the Tutelage representatives at the Sofia airport, After coming here, they helped me sort out my bank account, accommodation and sim card. The whole process of relocating...

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Sanam Iqbal- MU Pleven

Highly recommended service. Tutelage is the most helpful agency when it comes to applying abroad - quick responses and a very friendly service. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is wanting to apply for medicine or dentistry abroad. Thank you for all your help

Aswad Khan – Palacky University

The summer of 2013 was without doubt the most life-changing time period of my life, quite possibly the most eventful I will ever have. The idea of taking a gap year was what I always thought I would spend this year doing, exploring the world, undergoing new experiences, maturing into an independent man ready for the responsibilities of Medical School. I could not be more...

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Sadia Khan – MU Pleven

Tutelage have been extremely helpful, right from the beginning all the way through, in order to secure a place for me to study medicine at my chosen university. However their exceptional service doesn't end there as Tutelage is always there to support you whenever needed. I am very thankful and appreciate everything they have done for me. I would definitely recommend it.

Hafsah Hussain – MU Plovdiv

As a gap year student, dentistry seemed to be an uncertain choice for me, I was anxious about applying abroad at first, but Tutelage Ltd settled all the doubts and reservations I had! They were extremely helpful and informative throughout the entire application process. My application was processed quickly and I received an offer within weeks of applying. The service did not end there; Tutelage...

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Tutelage helped me not only with my application process, but were with me throughout getting settled abroad, as well as having advising me throughout my first year as it draws to a close. An amazing and efficient company and would definitely recommend getting in touch with!


very helpful and reliable agency, always at hand whenever i need help and i would highly recommend you go through this agency to get into med school in Europe. Makes the process much easier.



Great service from tutelage. Applied last minute on results day and they managed to secure me a place at Plovdiv University within 10 days. I am thankful for the service they have provided, not only for the application, but helping me with finding an apartment and registration at the uni.

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