Prof. Angelina Stoyanova  giving a presentation on the history and advancements at MU Pleven

Our annual pre-departure meeting for MU Pleven was recently held on the 15th January 2017 in London.

It provided our students with a much needed insight into their nearing transition into life as students at Medical University Pleven in Bulgaria and ensured that they were fully prepared with starting their studies at one of the most prestigious medical institutions in Bulgaria.

Ehtesham Nawaz; head of post care and transition, was present and gave an insightful presentation to our students on what to expect from our exclusive post care transition service and assured our students of the all rounded care they would receive in the coming weeks. Also present were Professor Angelina Stoyanova, Mrs Petya Radeva and Miss Nadezhda Angelova from Medical University Pleven. Professor Angelina Stoyanova delivered a presentation on MU Pleven as a University and what our students should expect in their first few weeks after enrolment. Throughout the meeting, important issues, such as the culture shock and adjusting to a new environment, were thoroughly addressed.

The meeting ended with a live skype conference with students currently studying in Bulgaria who were able to give some much needed advice from the perspective of British students, which our students found extremely insightful!

All our students are currently preparing for their transition to MU Pleven. Of course, our care continues throughout this period all the way, until the end of our students’ education. Our transition team will be flying to Bulgaria with our students on the 26th January and once there will orchestrate everything; from finding accommodation, to enrolment and city and university tours. Our transition will end with our welcome dinner for all our students and university guests! As always, our services for MU Pleven are 100% free!

Are you interested in applying to MU Pleven or any of our partner universities? If so, get in contact with us today by emailing info@tutelage.org.uk or calling 020 3617 1785.

Also, if you would like to find out more about studying Medicine or Dentistry abroad and how Tutelage Ltd can help you, be sure to visit us on Thursday 28th July from 11am-3pm!

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