Why study medicine or dentistry in Europe

Although it may have emerged as a recent trend, many British students have been flocking abroad to complete their medicine or dental studies for years! Studying medicine or dentistry in Eastern Europe comes with numerous benefits, such as receiving an MD degree, practicing in a hands on clinical environment, lower tuition fees and receiving a gmc/gdc registered degree at the end of it, so you can go straight back to the UK and work!

As the requirements for studying medicine and dentistry are tightening in the UK and it becoming almost a lottery of x number of applicants for one place, even highly capable and qualifying students are being left disappointed and without a place to study medicine or dentistry in the UK.

Tutelage Ltd can help you explore your options of studying medicine or dentistry at a recognised european university on a gmc/gdc registered course. We have years of experience in serving students and helping them pursue their career goals. If you have failed to attain a place in the UK, or have not met the grade requirements, contact us today and an advisor will be able to assist you and start off the application process.